Berock Ventures Chair Picks Another Award

    Founder and Chairman of Berock Ventures Ltd. -- an indigenous building and civil engineering company -- Rockson Dogbegah has picked up a second award (the International Nobles Award) just two weeks after an earlier one.

    The latest award by the West Africa Nobles Forum is in recognition of his achievement as an entrepreneur, his contribution to economic growth, integrity, and having the courage to speak on issues of public interest dispassionately when others have shied away.

    A fortnight ago, the Chairman of Berock was adjudged the Best Entrepreneur in the Building and Civil Engineering category at the 3rd UT Ghana Entrepreneurs Award 2012.

    Mr. Dogbegah was among successful businessmen and women as well as Chief Executives from both private and public organisations from West Africa that were awarded and inducted into the West Africa Nobles Forum over the weekend at Sogakope in the Volta Region. The Nobles Forum is in its 17th year and has 2,000 members from across the sub-region.

    The West Africa Nobles Forum is a sub-regional think-tank fashioned after the Philosophical Society of America and is made up of statesmen, legal luminaries, politicians, research-fellows, technocrats, medical giants and captains of industry.

    Commenting on the awards, Mr. Dogbegah, who has become a strong advocate for the construction industry, was grateful for the recognition. He said it is important that well-meaning members of society actively contribute to addressing the country’s challenges and those of the sub-region at large.

    Touching on the construction industry, Mr. Dogbegah explained that it is crucial contractors and built-environment professionals actively contribute to development of the entire construction industry, rather than limiting their concerns to only their individual businesses.

    Mr. Dogbegah noted the challenges of improper planning of cities and disregard for building rules and regulations, saying that players in the industry need to speak publicly on these issues -- and also support Government in enforcing the regulations. He said the built-environment professionals in particular are too quiet over the industry issues, adding that this does not augur well for the sector and the country as a whole.

    "We the players in the construction industry must be seen and heard rejecting the wrongs going on. We should not keep quiet for disasters to happen before pointing out the causes of the disaster". He went on further to state: "Once you note a fault, notify the appropriate authority and your professional body, so we can nip these problems in the bud".

    Mr. Dogbegah, who is also Chairman of the Ghana Centre for Chartered Institute of Building and the Ghana Contractors Association Council, said the various accidents associated with the construction sub-sector is a call on all players to step beyond their little confines to confront the bigger challenge. "When we make the industry better and well-developed we will all benefit, so why stand aloof?" he asked.

    Mr. Dogbegah founded Berock Ventures -- a small indigenous building outfit -- and nurtured it into a giant construction company over the past 20 years, taking up major projects. He was the Chief Executive Officer until end of 2011, when resigned and became Chairman of the Company's Board.

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