Our Services

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Building and Road Construction

At Berock Ventures Ltd., we execute jobs commensurate with our status in the industry. We have undertaken and still continue to execute a myriad of projects dispersed across the country.

Institutional buildings, Office complexes, Shopping Malls, Quality roads displayed across Ghana exist to endorse our subscription to quality infrastructural development.

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Consultancy in Civil Works

After several years of survival and continuous improvement in marketing and civil works, we believe that we are well equipped to give our clients the requisite information and knowledge to enable them to make prudent choices and crucial decisions in their business endeavors.

We offer relevant and result-oriented advice in all facets of marketing and civil works.

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Civil and Electrical Engineering

We consider quality delivery as essentially a service rendered to humanity before business. Our expertise in executing projects has increased over the years and we are gradually becoming one of the leading establishments that combine construction and provision of water, roads and extensive electrification from a single hub.

Stringing together our plant pool with a touch of high level professionalism, we deliver these services to the highest acceptable standards.

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Facilities Management

Berock has been a leading player in the construction industry for over 20 years - we’ve helped to shape the way this market has evolved, and we’re now pioneering an integrated approach. We can offer a full range of facilities management services, from basics like cleaning, to high-end specialist services like workplace management.

For us, integrated facilities management means tailor-making a package that doesn’t just fit your needs, but also your geographical and business profile, and working culture.